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Warranty and Product Care

The 365 Day Warranty

Welcome to the Mineraleir world, where we guarantee your jewellery to be free of manufacturing imperfections for 365 days from the date of purchase. Imperfections may include missing pave stones, loose diamonds or loose prongs from the outset.

Imperfections caused by general wear and tear, scratching, stretched chains/rings, improper cleaning or storage are not covered. For example, a bent earring spoke. Think of your jewels like a cashmere knit or a silk dress, if you snag, stretch or discolour your clothing then its a matter of repair and not a manufacturing fault. We are enthusiastic about helping you care for your jewellery, so if you are seeking repairs or assistance, we will do our best to help where possible.

The Nature Of Our Product

Most Mineraleir items are 14kt gold – which is durable but malleable. The metal composition includes 14 parts pure gold, and 10 parts alloys. In no way are gold surfaces scratch resistant.
To assist us non-scientists and provide some perspective, consider that 24 kt gold is near liquid orange and alloys are added to make fine jewellery wearable.

Caring For Mineraleir Jewels

In the same way you launder your precious items of clothing, so too does jewellery require a level of ongoing attention:

For gold items we do recommend professional servicing, however owners can also tend to jewels using a non-abrasive cleaner in warm, sudsy water and a soft, gentle brush. Rinse and dry with precision.

Avoid exposing all jewellery to extreme temperatures, heavy perfume, cosmetics (including moisturiser), household bleach or chlorine and extreme light. We imply owners to carefully remove jewels prior to exercise, showering, moisturising and so on.

Take care to protect your jewellery from impact against hard or abrasive surfaces. Avoid snagging prong settings on clothing as this may cause a loosening of the setting, risking the loss of a gemstone. Above all, examine your jewellery regularly to ensure settings are snug and clasps and joinings are secure.

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