Warranty and Product Care

The 365 Day Warranty

We endeavour to provide the most reliable products we can using age-old hand crafting techniques as well as some of the newest jewellery technology. In some cases manufacturing imperfections can occur, these may include but not limited to missing pave stones, loose clasp, marked pearls.

Imperfections caused by general wear and tear, scratching, stretched chains/rings, improper cleaning or storage are not covered. Think of your jewels like a cashmere knit or a silk dress – if you spill oil, snag, stretch or discolour your clothing then its a matter of repair and not a manufacturing fault. We are enthusiastic about helping you care for your jewellery, so if you are seeking repairs or assistance, we will do our best to help where possible.

The Nature Of Our Product

Mineraleir’s Demi-Fine range is composed of 18kt gold vermeil or rhodium on recycled sterling silver – which is durable but malleable. 
Mineraleir’s Fine range is crafted from solid 14kt gold.

Caring For Mineraleir Jewels

In the same way you launder and wash articles of clothing, your jewellery requires a level of ongoing attention:

For gold items we do recommend professional servicing, however owners can also tend to jewels using a non-abrasive cleaner in warm, sudsy water and a soft, gentle brush. Rinse and dry with precision, then use a polishing cloth to buff and shine.
Any tarnishing can be gently rubbed off with the help of a polishing cloth. We recommend gently wiping down after every other wear if your items have come into contact with any creams/makeup/cosmetics.
Avoid exposing all jewellery to extreme temperatures, heavy perfume, cosmetics, moisturiser, household bleach or chlorine, salt water and ongoing direct sunlight (eg on a dresser that is exposed to all day sun). We imply owners to remove jewels prior to exercise, showering, moisturising and so on.

Examine your jewellery regularly to ensure it is in excellent condition. Always contact concierge@mineraleir.com if you would like assistance cleaning and maintaining your pieces.