Mineraleir is a fine jewellery concept that is unanchored to any trend or moment in time. All jewels are hand crafted works of art, made to be collected and adored.

We are currently creating all pieces on a made-to-order basis, shipping within 4-6 weeks of purchase date.

The Mineraleir Difference

You may have to wait a short time for your jewels to be crafted, but at this time you will save up to 8 times on the equivalent retail price thanks to the eradication of surplus stock, middlemen and designer inflation.

All your purchases are eligible for a 365 day warranty as well as maintenance and servicing.

If there is a particular stone or metal variation you would like that is not currently listed on the site, please contact us via concierge@mineraleir.com and we can confirm it’s availability for custom creation without any extra service charge.

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