Welcome to Mineraleir

Welcome to the Mineraleir e-parlour where you’ll discover jewels that are enduring and elegant. 

The Mineraleir purpose is to deliver classic memory markers with a distinct design profile. Within our styles you will find  inherently modern traits and yet always a nod to a whimsically traditional feeling of idealism. We hope to spark joy and have fun while doing so.

Our studio is multi generational, with over three decades of family fine jewellery expertise traversing the realms of diamond and precious gem grading, responsible material sourcing and product design.  

We delight in custom requests for fine jewellery projects with precious and semi precious gems. Contact concierge@mineraleir.com to begin the design process.

Ethics and Impact Management

90% of our silver and gold is recycled material and we only source from ethical miners whose extraction methods / labour practices are regulated. 

By the end of 2023 Mineraleir will be using only vegan and or single mined origin gold, whereby the material can be officially traced from the ground to your hands and certified as such.

We are a zero plastic enterprise and use only home compostable plastic across all levels of internal operations (from stone procurement, through to distribution, storage and logistics). 

We are currently investigating mined and lab farmed stones and diamonds. In this interim period we are proceeding to use created white sapphires in our Demi-fine range as we can confidently claim their creation is not as environmentally taxing from an energy standpoint as are their diamond counterparts. 

We intend to provide an update on stones moving forward as we uncover further information.